Why I’ve been AWOL

So I’ve not written a post for over a month now and that’s absolutely what I wasn’t going to do when I started this blog, but work has kinda taken over my life …..

I went to Paris, and while I was on the Eurostar, under the Channel, I found out that Ms May had called a snap general election.  Ok you might think, until I tell you that I work for a local government Electoral Services section. So it all went mad at work as I saw the sights of beautiful Paris 🙂

Since then, work has pretty much taken over my life, doing super long days, feeling a bit stressed, all the while surviving on the usual crap amounts of sleep.  My poor family don’t really know who I am any more, as is the same with most people who work in this field.

But…. Here’s my problem.  I LOVE MY JOB!  Honestly, it’s the best job I could possibly wish to have, I love everything about it.  I love it so much that I have been known to stupidly push myself when I shouldn’t, and then pay for it later……  The joys of fibro.

The world of electoral administration is one that isn’t really understood.  When I tell people what I do, they often reply with ‘oh so you only work for one day a year then?’

Last year, I, alongside most other electoral administrators across the country, barely saw my family, didn’t know whether I was on my head or my feet and had no life from February onwards – for the elections in May which lead straight into the Referendum in June.  For most of the country, 2017 is proving the same, except we didn’t know this one was coming.  For all of us, we’re having to cram 6 months worth of planning and work into 7 weeks pretty much.  But somehow, as always, we’ll do it.  We’ll be a bit broken afterwards I’m sure, but we all say how it’s worth it.  Electoral administrators are like machines in many ways – and I really do think you have to love what you do otherwise you’ll resent it.

Doing this job while having fibro isn’t easy – but I have a fantastic network of fellow administrators who also have it, and I get wonderful support from them.  At the moment, I’m just really hoping that I don’t have a flare in the next 4 weeks.  I shall live in hope !!  And I’ll try and blog more 🙂

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