Why I’ve been AWOL

So I’ve not written a post for over a month now and that’s absolutely what I wasn’t going to do when I started this blog, but work has kinda taken over my life …..

I went to Paris, and while I was on the Eurostar, under the Channel, I found out that Ms May had called a snap general election. ¬†Ok you might think, until I tell you that I work for a local government Electoral Services section. So it all went mad at work as I saw the sights of beautiful Paris ūüôā

Since then, work has pretty much taken over my life, doing super long days, feeling a bit stressed, all the while surviving on the usual crap amounts of sleep. ¬†My poor family don’t really know who I am any more, as is the same with most people who work in this field.

But…. Here’s my problem. ¬†I LOVE MY JOB! ¬†Honestly, it’s the best job I could possibly wish to have, I love everything about it. ¬†I love it so much that I have been known to stupidly push myself when I shouldn’t, and then pay for it later…… ¬†The joys of fibro.

The world of electoral administration is one that isn’t really understood. ¬†When I tell people what I do, they often¬†reply with ‘oh so you only work for one day a year then?’

Last year, I, alongside most other electoral administrators across the country, barely saw my family, didn’t know whether I was on my head or my feet and had no life from February onwards – for the elections in May which lead straight into the Referendum in June. ¬†For most of the country, 2017 is proving the same, except we didn’t know this one was coming. ¬†For all of us, we’re having to cram 6 months worth of planning and work into 7 weeks pretty much. ¬†But somehow, as always, we’ll do it. ¬†We’ll be a bit broken afterwards I’m sure, but we all say how it’s worth it. ¬†Electoral administrators are like machines in many ways – and I really do think you have to love what you do otherwise you’ll resent it.

Doing this job while having fibro isn’t easy – but I have a fantastic network of fellow administrators who also have it, and I get wonderful support from them. ¬†At the moment, I’m just really hoping that I don’t have a flare in the next 4 weeks. ¬†I shall live in hope !! ¬†And I’ll try and blog more ūüôā