Loves of my life.. #1

I’m thinking that part of a blog is about getting to know me – so that when I waffle on about something, there’s a reference as to what the heck it is!  My family are pretty much off limits, as I don’t think they’d want me talking about them and posting pics, but they are obviously the A* in a list of loves of my life.

But loves of my life #1.

Today, I’ve spent the majority of the day indoors as I’m still not feeling grand, missing all the lovely sunshine, I have appreciated two felines even more today.

Probably one of the best decisions I ever made was to get my fur babies.  When I’m feeling down, they know.  When I’m in pain, they know.  When I’m having a good day and feeling fun, they know (and usually leap around on me).  They’ll probably feature quite a bit in the blog, be it for the fact they lay on my leg / back and purred when they were hurting, or woke me up at 5.30am by leaping on my head.  So I thought that I’d introduce Miss Molly and Mr Rafa to you guys.  My 2 and a half year old BSH rascals, and loves of my life.

This is them, Molly looking after me when I was off sick one day, and Rafa looking after me while I was working from home the next.

Oh, by the way, is anyone else UK wise dreading the clocks going forward tonight?  Like I need yet another hour taken away from me!  However, did someone say campari spritz?!

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