For every down, there’s an up..

Positivity, as I’ve mentioned before, is something I like to grasp onto, much like I grasp a Campari Spritz….

So I’ve made up this thing for myself, the idea that for every down there’s an up.  Today for instance.  I cried a few times during the night because I wasn’t sleeping and in pain, which was a down. However, I went into work for a few hours and completed a project I’ve been working on, which was an up.  I’m not saying they balance each other out, I’m just saying that looking at the positives you achieve during the day is beneficial.

I came out the shower hurting all over – it’s a down.  The fact I got in the shower in the first place – that’s an up.  I bent over this morning to feed the cats and my back went into spasms – that’s a down.  I did it about 15 minutes ago and while it wasn’t fabulous, it didn’t spasm – that’s a huge up in my book! (Especially as feeding and watering the pushkins is obviously a daily event in my life).

Right now, I’m grasping said Campari Spritz, with my knees and back slathered in essential oils (Edens Garden), smelling fabulous if not a wee bit medicinal, about to watch a bit of my rubbish on TV and focussing on the up.  And hoping I can improve on last night.  Reduced hours at work mean I get a bit more time in bed on a morning so I went to bed at 22.16 and got out of bed at 09.20.  Guess how much sleep I got??  A whole 3 hours and 39 minutes.  So the down is a pretty big down, but I’m hoping even 10 more minute will turn the down into an up.. Here’s hoping!

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