Day 1 of blogging

It’s Wednesday morning and I’m at home, heading into work a bit later today thanks to the joyous flare.  So I figured it would be a good time to say a little bit about who I am, other than the fact that I’m Kate from Sunderland….

And I’m stuck!!

Right.  Family, have the most fabulous parents, Mags and Pops, and a wonderful sister, brother in law, 2 nieces and a nephew.  They hate the fact they can’t take the pain away from me, but were all there for me yesterday when I came back from the doctor and sobbed  my heart out because I just didn’t know what to do.  I don’t want to take time off work sick, but at the same time, I can’t push myself any more.  In my fur family, there’s Molly and Rafa, my beautiful BSH cats who always know when I need them to sit on my knee!  They are completely barking mad, total rascals, and have their very own instagram page @molly_rafa_british_shorthair .  As you do…

Work..  I work for a local council and love the job that I do, I’m really lucky.

Health… My sister says I should be taken apart and put together again, I’ve been a right crock for a few years now!  It all started when I was about 17, with problems in my right knee, which the doctor thought could be growing pains.  Nothing they tried worked, and eventually, about 10 years later, I ended up getting yet more tests and physio.  Then my jaw started to hurt…  TMJ was diagnosed, I chewed through one splint, and am currently wearing the second one every night and it’s holding on there at the minute!

The fibro was diagnosed about 3 years ago, I started to get worse pains in my neck and back and the docs put all the things together, did some blood tests for other things, and fibro was what they came up with.  And once I did research (lots of research), it made absolute perfect sense.  I’m a few years along on this journey now, and still coming to terms with it in a lot of ways.  I’m slowly learning what I can and can’t do, what I can push myself to do and what I need to say no to.

I know, from all of my research, that there are tons of blogs out there from people with fibro, people who are much worse than me, people who are also much wittier than me, but it’s my story that I want to tell.  This flare, as I said yesterday, is the worst one I’ve ever had, and it’s putting things into perspective for me.  I am so used to dealing with this on my own, simply because I don’t want to bother the doctors every week, because I don’t want my family to worry any more than they already do, because I’m still not sure if people on the outside actually believe that I have this or that the pain is that bad.  So now, I need to get it out there that fibro sucks.  That it’s just awful.  That I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  That it has changed my life in so many ways – most of those are negative but there’s still some positives.  And that’s probably the main thing you should know about me.  I try to stay positive.  I try to stay the bubbly Kate that everyone knows, and I really hope that never changes!


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